Woody & Wilcox Beer Club


Woody & Wilcox Beer Club At Jackalope Jacks

Woody & Wilcox Beer Club At Jackalope Jacks

Jackalope Jacks, located on 1936 E 7th Street in the Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte, will host the Woody & Wicox Beer Club on July 18th and August 22nd.

If you are a member of the beer club, you get a free beer at each meeting.  Just remember to bring your official Woody & Wilcox Beer Club pint glass. Click here and enter for your chance to win one.

Woody & Wilcox show off why Jackalope Jacks is a perfect spot for their beer club.  They have a great selection of beer on draft, plenty of canned beer, and hot bartenders.  Also, pool, ketchup, and chairs.

Dates for Beer Club:

7-6 Solstice Beer Club

7-11 Pizza Peel 

7-18 Jackalope Jacks

7-25 Wings & Rings

8-1 Solstice

8-15 Pizza Peel

8-22 Jackalope Jacks

8-29 Wings & Rings

9-5 Solstice Beer Club

9-12 Pizza Peel

9-19 Jackalope Jacks

9-26 Wings & Rings


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